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Paglione Wine Paired Pasta Dinner for Four


Enjoy a sumptuous dinner for four all’Italiana! This thoughtfully curated gift box includes everything you need to make an authentic Bolognese pasta dinner with the perfect red or white wine, and a little something extra.

Sip perfectly paired Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay and snack on crostini, aged Beemsteer cheese, and red wine jelly while you cook. Then enjoy rich house-made Bolognese Sauce with organic imported spaghetti al mandolino. Finish dinner with Dutch Boys Bliss chocolate.

In this gift box you will find:

Paglione 2021 Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay
Paglione House Made Beef Bolognese Sauce
Organic Gragnano Spaghetti al Mandolino*
Paglione Red Wine Jelly
Classic Beemster Cheese 18 month
Ace Olive Oil & Sea Salt Crostini
Local Dutch Boys Bliss Medium Dark Chocolate

For the best tasting experience, we recommend sipping the wine while the flavours of each course are still lingering on the palate!


*The Story Behind Spaghetti al Mandolino

Spaghetti al Mandolino is a long, thin pasta resembling spaghetti, but with a square cross-section. The square shape and porous texture of the pasta allow it to perfectly bind with any sauce. Perfect with a rich, meaty bolognese!

La Fabbrica della Pasta has been making pasta for three generations in Gragnano, a small town nestled in the hills near Naples, famous for its pasta production for over 500 years! Pasta from Gragnano is very special; made from local spring water and high-protein Durum wheat which helps keep the pasta al dente, then extruded through a bronze die, giving the pasta a porous texture that helps it bind with sauce.. La Fabbrica della Pasta is amongst the 12 remaining pasta makers in the region and became the very first pasta factory in the world to obtain Protected Geographical Origin certification for its pasta.


Paglione Wine Paired Pasta Dinner for Four